Sunday, April 5, 2015

Of wood and stone

Over the weekend I managed to complete my second piece/s of work for the up-coming COMA exhibition.

I decided to make a series of blocks that in part reflect my view of life's journey. I think life tends not to be a straight line; we often try to find one or more focal points; and may also try to find balance and simplicity.

In a simple attempt to portray a journey through life the blocks have a continuous groove that covers four faces of the block; and have one-three small white or black stones in the groove on one face of the blocks. The blocks can be displayed as single entities; but could also be displayed as a group. They are meant to be contemplative pieces - a quiet reminder.

©2015 Barry Smith - A single focal stone amongst the timber grain
©2015 Barry Smith - Six life journey blocks - two rectangular (about 12cm long and 9cm square) and four cubes (about 9cm on all sides)
©2015 Barry Smith - Balance - white and black-grey stone
©2015 Barry Smith - A stack of blocks
©2015 Barry Smith - End grain with stones
©2015 Barry Smith  - Blocks grouped on dark blue hide
The blocks are made from recycled blackout hardwood; the grooves are painted with black Sumi ink courtesy of Fiona; the stones are also courtesy of Fiona; and the blocks are oiled with light redwood eco-oil. Because the blocks are not signed and don't have any 'feet' they can be displayed in any direction that suits the viewer.


  1. That is SO cool. Is there no end to your imagination....or the metaphors for the journey we travel.

  2. You never cease to amaze with the variability of your art. These are completely beautiful singly or as a group.

  3. Hello. Your works is Elegant.
    Greetings from Japan. ruma


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