Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Autumn morning light

As we move into autumn proper the sun is coming up later so we are getting to see the sunrise when we get up for our morning walk and exercise.

The photos in this post are from Monday and this morning - but both days have been clear, crisp and offering soft light.

A few sunrise shots.

©2015 Barry Smith - Valley panorama with sunrise, swallow and setting moon
©2015 Barry Smith - The dudes who flew through the valley panorama 
©2015 Barry Smith -Setting moon
©2015 Barry Smith - Brisbane CBD - 80klm away - with the Canon
©2015 Barry Smith - Sunrise on clouds - about 80klm away - with the Canon
©2015 Barry Smith - Rich sunrise on Trehaven way
And of course light on the flowers and fungi.

©2015 Barry Smith - Micro fungi near the book wall
©2015 Barry Smith - White Crucifix orchids near the book wall
©2015 Barry Smith - Succulent light
©2015 Barry Smith - Cassia - sunlight in a flower
©2015 Barry Smith - White light  
A couple of visitors on the wire out the front of our house.

©2015 Barry Smith - Couple of Galahs on the wire
Such beauty is just another reason for being up earlyish. Most photos taken with the trusty iPhone.


  1. these morning photos are peaceful and full of promise.

  2. ....and it's getting cold. LOVELY photos.

  3. Capturing the light beautifully, B. Well worth the early start.

  4. Hi V, JM & C - I can't believe I did not respond to your generous comments - thanks. V- peaceful is right - joy to the soul. JM - I'm not looking forward to the cold bit. C - though I think I will be walking in the dark soon. B


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