Sunday, February 25, 2024

Sometimes art is for giving


I have made a stash of wee metal cottages and metal stars for gifting. 

The wee Scottish cottages are 19mm long and 13mm wide - made from recycled pewter with a touch of brass. A small village of cottages is shown in the opening photo and the photo below.

Pouring the cottages can be a bit fiddly - sometime I need to do more than one melt and pour; and sometimes I need to cut and grind surplus material off. Each cottage is unique as each is cast in a one off sand mould. In the photo below you can see the imprint of the sand and imperfections of the moulding process - love it.

The stars measure about 30mm across the widest points. A couple of images of a wee 'constellation' of stars follow. As with the cottages - not every pour equals a good star - but the process is fun. Stars are a bit easier than the cottages as I'm using reusable graphite moulds.

I love being able to go into the workshop and turn out objects that I know will go to folk and hopefully will bring them a bit of joy.

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