Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Attempting to imitate nature

Earlier I posted on a couple of photos taken during a walk along a friend's creek. One was a leaf floating on a black pool of water; and another was of fungi in the forest. I indicated these shapes often influence my beaten metal work. Both the pieces in the photos below have been made out of quite heavily marked and patinated brass so the past history shows through.

The leaf shape above reflects the floating leaf

The bowl reflects the small fungi 'bowls'. This is the first time I have attempted to create a small trifold palm sized meditation bowl. I wanted to do a trifold because of the spiritual significance that is often connected to the number 3 and the triangle; and the challenge of course. While the bowl is round(ish) there is a soft triangle in the base. I have added the words peace, joy and give on the three curved planes.


  1. Love 'em.... especially seeing the leaf & funghi photo's aswell. Its easy to take the process for granted sometimes, & much of it may be sub-conscious, but nature is such an inspiration.

    That bowl is gorgeous... is there pattern stamped in aswell as words, or is it just the texture?

  2. What lovely and ethereal work and how wonderful that nature inspired you...what great words to add to such a beautiful bowl.

  3. I love how you connect nature and nature shapes into your art-- your pounded metal bowls are beautiful.. and the words added adds to the beauty.


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