Sunday, August 8, 2010

Finishing Friday's effort

As indicated on the Hiroshima post I used Friday afternoon to make a few pieces to show a gallery owner to see if they want to exhibit and sell my beaten metal work. The pieces I did fell into three categories - palm bowls including reflection-meditation bowls; leaf forms; and potential pendants.
All the work was done from copper and brass scraps out of my recycle bin. I managed to give the pieces a bit if a polish this afternoon so they don't look too bad. Of course I should have photographed the pieces with natural light to avoid the reflection; but hey what can you do on these short dark winter afternoons.

One of the 3 reflection -meditation bowls - Calm has been stamped into the edge.

Four leaf forms the longest it about 140mm and the shortest about 75mm.

And some potential pendants with raised ridges - yet to be shaped and embellished.

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