Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Creativius Interruptus

It has been a wet, windy and somewhat miserable day on the mountain. The morning was given over to admin and community art related work. Fiona and I did manage to get down to the studios (me = garage) this afternoon.

The photo above indicates that I was reasonably productive - but all the pieces are in unpolished form; and why is that I hear you ask. Well a friend dropped in and needed to drink bubbles - well what can you do for a friend in need of bubbles - the polishing has been put aside for another day. However one thing I would like to point out is that I attempted a three fold bowl today (bottom middle); and I think it has turned out OK - the final results will be on another post.


  1. drinking bubbly from time to time is necessary for artists to find their perspective once again.. your water reflections in previous post are gorgeous- amazing how water can mirror the sky and trees.

  2. D - Sharing bubbles with fellow artists is certainly ba good way to be grounded and uplifted and encouraged at the same time. Life is too short not to enjoy bubbles. B

  3. ~morning...i stumbled upon you from suzi smiths blog...she shared with us your equisite gift...simply remarkable one you are...those who create with metal i am fond of...such an intriguing husband is a welder, now supervisor of a shop and i keep urging and encouraging him to get back to his roots and create! i can hardly wait to share your blog with him today when he wakes! i l♥ve your creations and the words you have chosen...pure delights! warm wishes and brightest blessings~


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