Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Water reflections

As indicated in my last post Fiona and I had a walk along friends' creek last Sunday. I took a few photos of the sky and trees reflected in the glassy but flowing water. You never really know how these things will turn out until you down load them and look at them on a bigger screen.

This is one of the shots of the reflections.

These are two shots of the same reflection but zooming in on a segment. Very unusual outcome. I think it is a result of relatively slow shutter and the movement of the flowing creek.
Nature sure can provide some surprises. Fiona suggested we see how those photos come out if they were printed on water colour paper - will let you know if we do that.

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  1. These are beautiful... they should print fine, but some papers print better than others, sometimes the colour absorbs a bit much or bleeds a bit.... but... arty types can like this sort of effect, lol!
    I keep going back to look at those textures... the colours are so vivid too.


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