Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bounty of the block

Today has been gardening on the block day. Lime tree had borer so had to prune some branches off; the nectarine tree has tiny fruit forming but was getting leaf curl so it needed a bit of eco-oil; the gardenia had a bit of sooty mould so needed to be treated with soap suds; limes needed harvesting; and yucca plants needed big offshoots (16) cut off and planted to complete the line along the top driveway. All good; and Fiona and I got it all done in a few hours - though Fiona said it was more like 3.5 hours - I think she was counting.

But the bonus was being able to harvest our small potato crop; and dig up some of our edible ginger.

The collection bowl with about 2.5kilos of new potatoes.

The stash of fresh ginger

We have been harvesting broccoli for weeks now. We almost broccolied out one day - Fiona made broccoli soup for lunch and followed this up with a broccoli bake for dinner. But the bottom line is that we feel very lucky to be able to harvest such fresh organic produce from our garden.

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