Thursday, August 5, 2010

Local library, local book, local exhibition

A long long time ago I posted on the fact that our very creative Hinterland Business Centre (HBC) had produced a great book called Earth Dreams Magic that show cased the natural beauty, history, arts and artists of the Blackall Range hinterland.

Fiona, Noela and I and many other artists friends and colleagues are featured in the pages of the book.
HBC promote the book in many ways. Recently they decided to set up a small exhibition-display at our local Maleny Library. Ten artists were asked to participate in the exhibition to promote the book. Four artists on the wall of the library and six in the glass cabinets at the entrance to the library.Fiona, Noela and I were asked to contribute works for one of the glass cabinets.
Our art in the cabinet we share looks good; and hopefully will draw people's attention to the book and encourage them to buy it. Earth Dreams Magic is for sale from HBC for the small sum of AU$25.

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