Monday, August 2, 2010

Three small foldformed bowls

On Friday I did the folding work on four small bowls; and turned a serving platter into a larger bowl which, when finished, is likely to become a medium garden font. I did further work on the small bowls but as it turns out the aluminium one just did not come up to scratch. The metal seemed too soft to hold the shape I was working towards.

The brass and copper bowls have been gently beaten, with a nylon hammer, into the final shape, including flat bases to enable them to stand up. I had cut circles from a new off cut of copper, the side out of a brass jardiniere and a relatively thick piece of brass plate that in the past was part of a small brass door.

I think the photos indicate that the copper and brass have worked well - but I must say my favorite is the bowl made from the heavier brass. I like the slightly Japanese ceremonial look of the bowls. They will probably become part of a series of incense burners - for incense cones. They of course will need a base - I'm thinking a flat black or white stone, or small stone stack, if I can find suitable stones.

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