Sunday, August 15, 2010

Butterflies and Metal Bowls

Friday was Friday 13th wasn't it? But all was not lost on the mountain: as you may be aware there was selecting the person who was to receive the Hiroshima Peace Bowl (Cathy); I managed to do more work on the Bigish Butterfly for the ephemeral art for the Festival of the Walks; and did a bit of foldforming.

I experimented with a long foldform where I beat the metal on two different edges and therefore had the form curving in two directions with different characters - one a frilly edged leaf and the other a smooths curving leaf. I didn't like the final outcome - it looks like a deformed snake - but one needs to test these things.

I also did a couple of small bowls using metal I cut out of what I thought was an old brass plate fruit bowl. In the end I don't know what the metal is - looked like brass but I think it was steel. It was very hard to 'unfold' the bowls and beat them into the bowl shape; but I do like the dark burnt patina on the back and the inside polished up well.

The butterfly is now ready for action at Mary Cairncross. It has had several coats of flat white paint and has been marked up so that the public can glue coloured paper swatches similar to those in the detail photo.

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