Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rusted metal leaves travel south

For the Sculpture on the Edge exhibition I did a piece called Leaves. The sculpture was fashioned out of rusted metal from the side of a steel plate fireplace I was given.

The photo above shows the piece (1.3m tall) sitting on a mound of gravel, which will make its way onto the terraces below, with the western view from our block in the background. I liked the simplicity of the piece. I carved it out of the 3mm steel with my angle grinder - in the end the leaf just fell out of the plate - like a leaf falling in the forest. However I liked the link between the leaf and the negative space left behind. I created the curl in the leaf using the side rail of our trailer.

The good news is that Leaves sold and after careful packing is making its way to Canberra. I understand from the new owners that it will stand as a feature in a corner of their garden. Should look good in the changing seasons - to see the falling leaves on and through it during autumn; and the new growth of spring.

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