Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Production line - beaten metal bowls

I have been approached by a couple of galleries to show some of my smaller works -this will include leaves and bowls. Of course this means that one needs a reasonable amount of stock; and I need to create enough to keep the quality pieces and ditch the others.

As you can see from earlier posts I have made quite a few leaves - so now I have turned to the production of bowls.

One of the bowls that turned out from this afternoon's effort is this small incense burner. I used part of the lid of an old brass container that had a small brass draining hole and bolt. I thought the bolt could be used to hold an incense stick if it were drilled. So I made a two-fold bowl with the bolt on the side. The photo shows the bowl in the raw unpolished state with a test incense stick - I think it will work.

From the photo above you can see I started the afternoon with annealed disks of recycled brass and copper cut from various discarded containers etc.

From this material I made six fold formed bowls and 4 punched bowls (which will become simple meditation bowls). I tossed two foldformed bowls away as I attempted tri-bowls again but I just can't get the angles right - jaws of the vice are too wide - I have planned extended and slim line jaws but haven't had the time to make them yet.
As you can see from the photo all the bowls are in the raw state and will need further work - embellishments and polishing. But it at least proved to me that I can create a production process that still results in unique products. So I am on the way to creating some stock.

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