Sunday, August 1, 2010

So what are we doing now?

Quite some time ago I posted on the foldforming course I was doing with Charles Lewton-Brain in Calgary.

This weekend I finally got around to sorting some of the photos from the trip away; and it reminded me of other people on the course: Anna, Heather, Katie, Beatriz, Linda, Lina, Ron and Bonnie. Most of the group had jewellery backgrounds. I was wondering what they were doing now; and how they were using the foldforming knowledge and skills picked up on the course.

The two photos above show Charles in demonstration mode; and the second shows most of the group hard at work - lots of intense heating and beating going on.

These two photos show some of the jewellery type work done by a couple of members of the group. The blue patina was achieved with cloudy ammonia.

Since returning home I have built myself a new outside work bench; have had a couple of goes at testing the equipment out; and this weekend got stuck into a few bowls.

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