Sunday, August 22, 2010

Creative Community weekend

Saturday and today have both been satisfying yet tiring days where we have done art stuff with our community. Yesterday Fiona and I were involved with other art4place artists in the launch of the Maleny Placemaking Art Map; and today we teamed up with Kim and Noela to create ephemeral and temporary art at the Birdwing Butterfly Walk at Mary Cairncross Park as part of the Festival of the Walks. We spent 7 hours at the park today doing art; and it was great.

I worked with parents and children to create the big Richmond Birdwing Butterfly 'sculpture' (including the smallest artist -photographed with parental permission).

Fiona stencilled with them using talcum powder.

Kim and the children created a butterfly of butterflies .

Fiona and Kim supervised the colouring and creation of a sea of sixty butterflies

Kim worked with them to make butterflies out of leaves

Noela created this fantasy butterfly.


  1. Wow, what a day. Well done crew. Good to see you got your collage butterfly finished, Barry. xoxoxo

  2. Photo's look great, B! It was a very busy day and fun was had by all, especially all the children...


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