Friday, August 27, 2010

Fire on Friday

The day has been very full. Three hours of moving 6 cubic metres of gravel on the terraces; 4 hours of working with G&A to install slats on the side of their house; a half an hour of annealing and unfolding pieces I had folded and beaten during the week; and two hours of drinking bubbles with an artist friend and her daughter. So a big day really.
But what I wanted to share is the annealing and unfolding of the pieces and the results. During the week I have been experimenting with metal leaves; and micro foldform bowls.

I have formed four styles of leaves: double beaten along both edges; Romero fold; a new fold of my own where I have incorporated copper wire to create the centre stem (no soldering just enfolding); and a long leaf with drilled out areas to represent the eaten parts of the leaf.

Photo of the fire - annealing the pieces.

The photos above show the four leaves; and the leaf with the copper wire embedded in it.

The micro bowls experiment was to see how small a foldformed bowl I could create. As you can see from the photo above I made three bowls and got smaller as I went along. The final bowl is about the size of an Australian dollar piece or an American dime (about 25-30mm across).

None of the pieces have been polished yet. Shall share that later.


  1. wonderfull, exquisite work Barry, and I like the way you end your busy day!

  2. M Thanks - I am enjoying this work; and yes bubbles at the end of the day on Friday is becoming a tradition in our house. B

  3. i like these pieces, especially the leaves.


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