Sunday, August 7, 2022

Finished, fixed and fused


I had a stash of melted and cut metal on my work bench as you can see from the photo above. This needed to be turned in earrings and brooches to take to Scotland to see at a couple of markets Fiona and I are scheduled to participate in. Though I did not use all the bits IO did manage to complete quite a number of brooches and earrings. 

When I say brooches I really mean coat embellishments as you can see in the photo below - Fiona thinks they make a grand decoration on the lower part of her coat or jumper. The design was Fiona's idea so only right that she should get a couple of the prototypes!!!

I managed to finish transforming a broken ring of a friend into a ring of a different sort - one that looks a bit like cement with silver threaded through it.

I was given a couple of very old christening cups (see below) from a person's grand and great grand parents "to do what I wanted with them". I cut them up, melted the amalgamated metal and returned the cups to the owner as memory ingots - bits of art to remember her forebears by. The ingots are about 2.5cm wide, 5cm long and about .7cm thick - nice weight and texture.

Good achievements for the weekend.


  1. those pins brought to mind the long-ago kilt skirts that I wore as a schoolgirl ... love your embellished versions!

  2. Wow (((Barry))) such beautiful work, love the brooches and the memory ingots!

  3. Hi MC and Anon - thanks for visiting the blog and checking out the post and leaving a comment. I'm sorry I have not responded to comments for quite some time. I hope to do better. Anon - I think you would be right about the kilt skirt pins - that is where the idea started. The hoops on the pins are great for adding embellishments. MC - thanks - as you know there is always something happening in the workshop. Go well. B


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