Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Glorious morning - so much promise of spring


The morning started dark (see photo below) and cold; but as soon a the sun was up the birds and wildlife told a story of hope and abundance. And at breakfast time rainbows were invading the house - see above rainbows on a curtain and a painting.

So many birds feeding on nectar- see photos below of a tiny brown honey eater and others.  

Many blossoms were touched with refreshing droplets from a light shower of rain overnight.

And others just showing promises of colour.

G's orchid house is also offering joy.

An uplifting morning.


  1. I continue to marvel at how your early morning skies are plums compared to our peaches

  2. Anon - the colours seem to relate to the clarity of the morning sky, cold and maybe where we sit on the globe. Go well. B


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