Friday, April 17, 2020


©2020 Barry Smith - Beautiful functional art objects made from recycled silver-plated trays
Finally I got to finish the Tea-caddy spoons, Leaf-spoons and Leaf Pate Knives. Because I was making multiples of all of these pieces it has taken me quite a long time to take then from the silver-plated metal trays stage to this point where they can be sold.

As you can see from the photo below I ended up with 30 pieces. There were a few discards along the way - metal fatigue in metal from a silver-plated copper tray and also a silver-plated nickel silver tray - one too soft and the other too brittle.

©2020 Barry Smith - A shiny collection on the workbench - the photo does show the similarities between the objects; but also the differences. I do use different technics in the making.
The end products look good.

©2020 Barry Smith - Front and back of the Leafspoons - my take on a teaspoon.
©2020 Barry Smith - Front and back of the Leaf Pate Knives
©2020 Barry Smith - Tea-caddy spoons have a shorter leaf form and a deep bowl shape which is 3.5cm in diameter.
Over the weekend I hope to put some in on my online shop.

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  1. those wispy little ties are the perfect accompaniment for the fine lines and organic forms of your metalworks ... likewise the lovely lettering ... so much time and care


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