Sunday, May 16, 2021

Installing post etc


The work on Faith's sculpture garden is progressing. We have done the edging, laid the gravel and now installed the first couple of sculpture pieces.

The first of the three posts has been installed. Photo of the couple of rusty cogs above; and a few other photos follow.

We have also installed a small group of patinated copper leaves on aluminium stems.

The other two posts will be made and installed over the coming weeks. 


  1. those cogs make it look as if it couldn't have been complete otherwise

  2. LA and MC - thanks fellow bloggers. LA - I agree the post just need those cogs. I had intended keeping them for ourselves but knew the post would not be complete without them - Faith was very touched by being gifted them. MC - thanks - and as you know two more to come. Cheers. B


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