Sunday, May 9, 2021

One post completed


I printed two small domestic violence related posters yesterday; and today I managed to finish the largest of the three posts I have been commissioned to do.

Rust and inked lines are two design features of the post. The photo above is before shot of setting out some rusted washers.

The photos below show setting out of one the four faces; some details; and the completed post. The rusted metal is attached to the post using horseshoe nails - these will rust quite quickly and be another design feature. This post is currently 1.6m high; but will be set into the ground and gravel by about 100mm-150mm.

Two more posts to go.


  1. I scrolled through the pictures before reading your text ... the horseshoe nails definitely caught my eye and I wondered what they could be ... the facets are (erm) fascinating ;)

  2. Wow Barry, this looks fabulous!

  3. LA and MC - thanks to you both. LA - lol - lovely play on words. The structured nature of the nails certainly adds another design element. MC - thanks. Go well. B


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