Friday, May 14, 2021

Preparation for pop-up poster shop


Fiona and I are getting our stuff together for a pop-up poster shop at the Communities in Control Conference. A significant focus of the conference will be on inequality, injustice to and violence against women and the systems that support the status-quo.

On sale will be many of Fiona's feminist, justice and DV related posters; and my posters on patriarchy.

One appalling stat that is put out by the United Nations is that one in three women and girls will experience violence during their lives. This new A5  poster of mine above reflects this totally abhorrent and unacceptable behaviour.

And while I'm on stats - it just staggers me that in Australia every 2 minutes a woman is desperate enough to take the risk to ring the police to report DV - and yet we still don't take this matter seriously enough to stamp it out.

The third poster in this series simply asks "why won't he stop (being violent)?" - simple answer - that would mean he would have to accept the woman as his equal and give up power and control.  


  1. Brilliant! Thanks for maintaining the rage and bringing some of these dreadful stats to folk - they are startling.F

  2. I applaud your and Fiona’s efforts to bring attention to this disgusting and disheartening situation. Hoping the message on your posters reaches hearts and creates change. Well done you two!

  3. What's striking me (a victim of DV) is the irony of the colorful beauty of the locked type and the horror of the message they contain. Thanks, Barry, for spreading the word(s).

  4. F, LA, J and C - your comments are very much appreciated. F - yes we need to maintain the rage - too much violence and injustice against women demands it. LA - totally. J - thanks for your supports - we all do the little things we can. C - thanks - one of the things F says is that if we can use our art to entice folk to have a closer look then maybe we might just get another supporter over the line. All - be safe and go well. B


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