Friday, May 20, 2022



Amongst other things, today I played with a few prototypes that have a nautical theme - sails and waves (prototype small scale wave pipeline above) -including a prototype of a sail form incense dish as you can see below. 

Earrings also got a run as you can see from the prototype below - might have to be a bit smaller - I will consult with Fiona.

However, the main task was to see if I could form a double wave (wave pipeline really) from sail blanks. For the test piece I cut sail blanks out of copper from an old hot water system.

The final piece could be considerably larger - but you can see I have riveted the forms in an overlapping pattern; and then curved the riveted piece  over a pipe held in the vise.

As a protoptype I think it has worked - the final piece will include sails blanks that have been ground hence have contrasting edges. Some additional photos of the earrings and incense burner bowl follow. I think I will ensure both the earrings and bowl have more texture in the final versions.

All in all a good day in the workshop-studio

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  1. the marks on the hot water system sails add so much to the resulting form ... and wrapping them around a pipe to create an open cylinder was absolutely inspired


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