Friday, February 3, 2023

Jumping around


No jumping around it is not about testing new dance moves; but rather testing a few ideas in the workshop. One included finding a more dynamic way of displaying my proposed fleet of fishing boats for an exhibition. My previous idea was to have each boast on its own piece of timber but this was just too rigid.

After I discussion with Fiona I decided to test creating waves out of galvanised mesh - as you see from the opening photo I think this will work - though it will need to be on a much larger scale - about 4.5m long, .6m high and .6 m wide. I worked out a way to use the rod for the mast to protrude through the hull and clip to the mesh - see below - simple and strong.

I was also testing some air dry clay to see if it can be used to cast metal. The upside is you can get good definition of objects to cast; but the downside is that there must be some setting chemical and even after almost a week some residual moisture that resulted in slight bubbling and therefore a poor moulded product.

I have a third of a bag of cement that is going off so I'm using it up to create 100mm cubes with embedded rusty bits. I need to remove some of the surface cement to expose the rusty bits better.

I 'encouraged' the rusting of some screws by treating them with hydrochloric acid - these are to be used to install the large leaf sculpture.

Sometimes progressing art is just about jumping from one thing to another testing ideas.

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