Wednesday, February 1, 2023

First the roses


We have been having some pretty ferocious hot weather - I really couldn't see many upsides to it; but the proliferation of roses in the neighbourhood suggested they were liking the hot drier weather.

We had a trace of rain over night - some of the blossoms were looking refreshed and encrusted with droplets.

A few other bits of colour and bee action on the walk.

G's orchid house offered a couple of new blossoms - many buds showing - a bigger showing next week.

I think this morning's colour would be a contrast to our Scottish Highland friends who have had snow, ice, wind and more ice and wind. Hopefully the blossoms in the blog might bring a bit of cheer.

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  1. a lovely reminder that spring and summer will come again as I look out my window at trees weighed down by ice ... thank you


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