Sunday, January 29, 2023

Metal fabric and other letterpress bits


I decided to finish printing my Daily Words Concertina Booklet today. As you know this has been a bit of an unsuccessful experiment as I'm printing each side of the concertina in one go - but the issue is that I'm printing on a concertina book that has already been folded by the manufacturer. Still more on that later. 

Much more fun was had playing with the left over ink to see if I could print on stainless steel fabric that I rediscovered as part of sorting through some art materials yesterday. The opening photo shows it can be done - very dreamlike!! A few more photos of the play process.

Now back to the printing of the second side of the concertina book. I did manage to print the sheets but as said to Fiona these booklets are not of saleable quality.

Also with left over ink I decided to set and print 'go gently' on business card size offcuts. I mixed the leftover gold and copper-gold ink together. I particularly like the ink on the coloured paper.

Though printing the concertina book was a bit disappointing I'm sure some folk will enjoy having them in their pocket.  I will leave the ink on the stainless steel fabric to dry for a few weeks before touching it. If it dries I think there is a bit of potential there for an artists' book.

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