Friday, July 23, 2021

Melting moments and micro press

I have been working with an electrician friend Gary to see if we can sort out why my metal melting furnace kept shorting out. After some tests by Gary and a check under the melting cylinder and element it appeared to relate to a broken ceramic cover for the element wire. This was glued and I have done a couple of test melts. It seems we might have resolved the issue.

But one of the learnings when I did the test melts was that it is better to melt smaller quantities and not overload the furnace; and the furnace can trip when the top is left open when pouring.

The photo above shows white hot molten metal (1100 degrees) in a very very hot graphite crucible.

Some process photos - the heat off the crucible is incredible.

And a few pieces poured silver from an old beaten up candle stick. Ready for trimming, grinding and polishing.

We bought the wee press below from an artist friend. It is in need of a strip down restoration which I will do over the next little while. I think it is an Adana HS1- (chase size is 3inchx2inch) - the smallest Adana made - though I can't see any Adana markings on the press. I have ordered new rollers from the UK. Prior to this our smallest Adana was 5X3.

All artists know that time needs to be spent on keeping tools in good working order.


  1. Fiona here - so good the furnace is on track and the little press is a beauty!

  2. much as I love Fiona's hand-lettered hang-tags, 3x2 sounds like a tempting size for a letterpress version

  3. F & LA - sorry for tardy acknowledgement of your comments. F - thanks for assisting me with pours - we will see how the press goes. LA - I could be tempted but I'm told by Maleny Additions that folk love F's hand written tags!!! Go well. B


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