Friday, September 24, 2021

Fusing, finishing and friendship


The day had a few facets: trialing a deliberate metal fusing; finishing 40 plus giveaway inspiration leaves; and cutting metal to send to a friend.

The photo above and below shows an organic form created in the crucible when the silver melted off but the copper had not fully melted but rather fused together. I rather like the form and the lustre of the fused metal. Today I set out to replicate the happy accident - the outcome will be shown later if it works - the graphite crucible was too hot to handle this afternoon.

Whist the metal fusing was going on I was determined to finish off my giveaway leaves that had been on the workbench for a while. Process photos and the finished product follow. You will note the split leaves. The metal under the silver was too brittle. I was fortunate only to lose three leaves.

The leaves have been given a brushed polish look courtesy of a stainless steel wire brush.

I promised a friend that I would cut up some of the smaller silver-plated trays I have in my stash; and the rectangles of metal will be sent to her.

Some art days just have many facets.


  1. your fused copper form is wondrous ... as several thoughts came to mind, I decided to do a Google search on "1930s Art Deco abstract" ... which yielded some interesting images ...

    I hope you had great good fun with your further experimentation ...

  2. Your fused piece looks great! Love it.


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