Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Moon, butterfly in flight and other fragments


Of course I would have to post a couple of photos of this current moon. I woke at 4am to the moonlight creeping into the bedroom so decided on a photo. Then I took a few more over the next couple of hours as it began to set.

I was down in the garden watering yesterday and had this butterfly companion - I managed to take this photo of it in flight.

The walk this morning offered some fragments and layers.

There were a few new orchids on show in G's orchid house - all the same variety but different colours.


  1. love all your moon shots especially the last one and catching the blue butterfly in flight is very special!

  2. Mo took the words right out of my mouth (figuratively speaking) ...

  3. Thanks Barry! What a delight for the senses.

  4. Hi MC, LA and J - Thanks for sharing the moon and other bits of beauty with me. MC & LA - that last photo was so faint - the fleeting butterfly colour was a joy. J - glad I can share them with our community. B


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