Sunday, September 26, 2021

Small is beautiful - tiny book earrings and nano-posters


I got time today to progress my tiny book earrings; and yesterday a nano poster and a post card were completed.

As you can see from the photo above these book earrings are made from recycled silver-plated metal. Each earring is 2cm long, 1.5cm wide and .7cm high; and each has an inspirational word on the inside page. Words include: joy, hope, peace and love. Joy and love can be seen in the opening photo - on the anvil.

You can see from the process photos below I have cut enough metal for 13 pairs of earrings.

I finished 3 pair today - only 10 to go.

The nano poster is a reminder to myself, and others if they wish, that we can make a difference by doing small local things.

The post card is for folk in these times.

And the photo below is just to share a bit of colour.


  1. So many lovely thoughts and wishes in those nano posters B - and the tiny book earrings are as ever, delightful, and will bring much happiness.

  2. (((Barry))) love these little beauties!


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