Sunday, October 17, 2021

Celebrate life & love and other fragments


I did quite a bit of letterpress work on Saturday: printing some celebrate life & love cards and post cards; first print run on a card commission; and printing some celebratory coasters.

But first CELEBRATE life & love. I just felt the need to put a positive message out the about the importance of celebrate each day of life that we can and also celebrate the love we share. I had been printing some coasters in a bright red so decided that a strong luscious vibrant pink would be uplifting. The opening photo is me playing with left over ink on darker coloured paper. The actual cards are given a bit of sparkle with copper dust. The postcards are on white and grey as you can see.  The type for the cards is Mistral 72pt.

I printed 40 of the first run of memorial cards. Fiona is to hand illustrate them and print the inside message.

I printed a number of sets of Christmassy coasters including the Cheers coasters.

My workspace was tidy but full as I packed up on Saturday afternoon.


  1. Thanks so much for that huge effort - so good to have good words and thoughts out in the world - LOVE the pink!

  2. F, MC & LA - hi folk - sorry for late response - your visit and comments really are appreciated. F - vibrant pink for joy!! MC - glad it says love!! LA - red - aka crazy pink does sing. All - go well and may we celebrate all the love we can. B


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