Sunday, October 24, 2021

What a weekend


The weekend was really about The Red Thread showing-exhibition at DEP - but I will leave that up to Fiona to report on. Photo of the Print Princesses at the start of the opening event.

As well as spending time at DEP in a support role and particularly for the opening event, I did some work cutting up and prepping metal (see above photo) for etched panels for the posts that Fiona and I will be making for the pathway in the upcoming community grief garden.

By careful measuring I managed to mark up most of the 2mm thick aluminium plates we will need for the 5 posts - each post requires 4 etched pieces. The sheet of metal was purchased from a fellow artist. Fortunately I had another couple of small pieces of plate that enabled me to cut the full 20 plates.

I also got to finish 9 pairs of buffalo horn earrings.

Whilst it was good to progress the metal work and earrings; the real highlight of the weekend for me was the fact The Red Thread was a great success - well done to Fiona, Tory, Susan and Steph of the Print Princesses.


  1. love those ladies ... can't wait to read Fiona and Susan's posts (and the others as well?)

    and not for the first time did I think the raw buffalo horn was metal ... I'm always amazed and how much it changes from start to finish under your sure hands!

  2. love how the rivets accent the buffalo horn and The Red Thread looks fabulous, you two are such bright stars!

  3. Hi LA and MC - thanks for checking out the post. Red Threads indeed is good and the 4 of them are indeed talented. L - i love how the finish does make something pretty ordinary really shine. MC - the rivets just add that bit of shiny contrast. Go well. B


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