Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Morning wonders


Part of the magic of some days is that so many little wonders are there if is one open to them - including the gorgeous soft colour on the big tree as the first rays of filtered sunlight to touched it. 

So many exquisite blossoms.

Birds and bees. I only saw the tag on the magpie when uploading it to the blog. Such a big blue sky behind the flower stalk and bees.

And a swing by G's orchid house to get another top up of beauty.

Exposure to such beauty in the morning helps to sustain one during the day.


  1. the blues in both sky and flowers are glorious ... and your black and white bird reminded me of the magpies I saw "for the first time" (which is to say, those that I recognized and identified for the first time) when we were in New Mexico


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