Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Much gorgeousness after rain including visiting wallaby trio


It was a beautiful fresh morning to walk in this morning. We had heavy rain yesterday afternoon - everything just seemed more alive - as though nature was breathing a sigh of relief. So many flowers (including the opening one) still held droplets.

I was walking down the back path - stopped to enjoy a feeding lorikeet.

I had to turn back and take another path as I did not want to disturb the three wallabies enjoying the rain drenched grass.

A few more droplet encrusted blossoms.

A carpet of purple from Jacaranda blossoms brought down by the wind and rain.

Blossoms in the fork of the tree - I wonder what the new plant is?

Of course a couple of beauties in G's orchid house - I will need to tell him about that micro grub I now see in the big orchid - can you see it at the back of the front orchid?

So refreshing - so uplifting.


  1. the range of colors in your world is a wonder to behold

  2. Hi Liz - sharing across the globe is a lovely way of getting a feel for the beauty in others places. Go well. B


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