Wednesday, October 13, 2021

In the mist


We have had some welcome rain over the last couple of days - not heavy but rather light and soaking. The trees and blossoms, such as the one above and those following, are loving it.

We woke to a white out this morning as you see from the photo of the white beech tree below.

I was surprised to see one of the local female wallabies out in the mist and misty rain. What was extra exciting was to see her joey poke its head our whilst mum was feeding; but then decided that staying warm in the pouch was a better option as you can see from the third photo. You can just see its little face looking out to the wet grass and weeds in photos one and two. Mum seemed to be enjoying enjoying eating the dead heads of dandelion flowers.

G's orchids got a good water through the shade cloth.

Back to the white beech tree - the mist had lifted so you can now appreciate that a couple of days ago all the feral bushes etc were removed from its base. Lovely to see the tree in its grandure. It will look terrific when the rubbish is removed. The tree has a fig growing with it and a strong birding butterfly vine at its base.


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