Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Winter right? But the native flowers just break the rules


When we moved to our new home in a village of 28 townhouses on 1 September last year we obtained permission to plant out an area that was bare earth.

We started planting in October and you can see images of many, but not all, examples of blossoms on the bushes, creepers and ground covers we planted. It is so gorgeous to see so many blossoms at this time of the year and during a covid lockdown. 

Following are some photos taken this morning. The opening image is of one of Fiona's favourite colours; and the first one below is her favourite delicate grevillea. 

Also a few non-natives bulbs and other bits we planted

And it would not be an iPhoneography on Wednesday without some photos of G's orchids. I need to do another blog just on his crucifix orchids sometime.

Sunshine and blossoms to lift the heaviness of  lockdown time.


  1. your new neighbors must love having your plantings to look at ... what variety! (and "won't you be my neighbor?" ... I wish ;)

  2. (((Barry))) you take such fabulous flower photos!

  3. Hi LA and MC - thanks for your support. LA - we do get quite a few comments from people walking the village paths - folk said it all gives them a lot of joy. From our perspective it is resulting in lots more bee and bird activity - can't be bad in these times. Cheers. B


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