Sunday, August 1, 2021

The beauty of white high quality paper


We have had a roll of Arches Velin 270gsm paper sitting in the corner of the studio for some time - therefore time to get it out and cut it up for projects. The roll is about 1.1m wide. The photo above shows a few strips cut off before cutting down to size.

A couple of photos below showing the beauty of the roll.

Some stacks developing.

Cut pieces under weight - the paper was quite curled from being in the rolled form for quite some time - see above. My count after a couple of cutting sessions was: 27 A4, 14 A5, about 150 postcards, about 250 business cards and 40 small book marks. 

Not a lot of paper was wasted - edges including deckled edges as can be seen in the photo below.

There will be a few more cutting sessions yet - but imagine all that gorgeous paper carrying messages out into the world.


  1. those edges ... couldn't help thinking they would make amazing packing material ... or handmade paper, better yet

  2. LA - The handmade paper suggestion has been canvassed by both F and I. In the past we in fact made paper from our quality off cuts. As part of our move and downsizing we gave all our paper making equipment away. We just need to work out who we can give the off cuts to. Mind you we do cut the paper into every decreasing sized bits to minimise the waste. Go well. B


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